Women's Sports Bra

Feel totally supported with our range of sports bras. Whether you're logging miles on the treadmill or pushing for a PB lifting weights, you’ll find a range of different workout bras at Gymshark. 

Supporting you through every workout

With soft stretch materials and an unrestricted fit, our range of sports bras give you the natural range of motion you need to push your workout to the next level, without compromising on support. The girls will be held in place, without feeling like your movement is restricted.

The technology in our gym bras helps you put 100% into your workout. Features include seamless design for zero distractions, adjustable straps for the perfect fit, sweat-wicking and breathable materials for a cooler workout and removal pads or moulded cups that allow you to choose the level of support you require. Our sports bras really are there for you and yours.

Comfort doesn’t compromise style

We can kit you out and help you look the part. Our gym bras come in a range of styles, shapes and colours as we know everyone is different with different needs.

Choose from subtle shades to bright and bold, block colours to more daring patterns. Or from high neck to minimal, bralettes to longline, backless to racerback, and everything in between. We really do have a sports bra for you all.

Sports Bra FAQs

We’ve answered all of your sports bra questions.

Do I need to wear a sports bra to work out?

Yes. Whatever kind of exercise you are doing, it’s important to wear a sports bra over a regular bra. Choosing the right gym bra for your workout is integral to protecting your breasts when exercising. A good sports bra should help to keep them supported throughout your workout.

What type of sports bra do I need?

Choose from low impact sports bras, medium impact sports bras or high impact sports bras depending on the intensity of your workout or sport.

Are sports bras supposed to be tight?

A workout bra needs to fit more tightly than a regular bra. They should be snug but not restrictive.