Men's Gym T-Shirts & Tops

Men's Workout Shirts

The best gym tops let you focus on your training and keep your workout free from restrictions. Our collection of workout shirts for men combine physique accentuating designs with functional materials, for a gym t-shirt that will have you feeling your best and ready to take on even the most intense of workouts.

Whatever your chosen workout, with our range of collections, you can choose the fit and style that makes you feel unstoppable. From Arrival and Crest, which are staples for your gym wardrobe and perfect for beginners, to Apex which designed to support you for maximum performance. For those who love to lift, Legacy and Power will be your new go-to’s, combining shape enhancing designs with comfort. Or, for an edgy style that can be worn from the gym to post-workout plans, Bold and Vibes offer graphics and style detailing that you’d be proud to rock wherever the day takes you.

Pair your workout shirt with a pair of shorts or joggers, and pop a hoodie over the top and you have the completed look.

Long Sleeve Gym Shirts

A long sleeve gym t-shirt should be your go to when you're trying to stay warm or get a sweat on during a workout. Let our collection of long sleeve gym t-shirts keep you comfortable, even when your training's not. With Gymshark's DRY technology, our men's gym tops wick sweat away from your skin to reduce irritation and encourage performance. With physique enhancing fits available in a variety of striking colours; any of our long sleeve gym t-shirts will be the perfect addition to your weekly gym wear rotation.

Short Sleeve Gym T-Shirts

Men's gym shirts that are engineered for performance, whilst never compromising in style. Here to keep you cool all year round; our collection of short-sleeve gym t-shirts are available in a range of breathable materials and sweat wicking fabrics to reduce discomfort when working out.

Sleeveless Gym Shirts

For ultimate breathability there is no beating a sleeveless workout shirt. Available in a range of fits - including Stringers, Tanks and Sleeveless Tops, our collection of men's sleeveless gym tops provide the best foundation for the days you need to go forth and lift heavy. Explore a range of looks that include tapered and oversize fits, from the old school bodybuilding era to the new wave of lifters.

Muscle fit t-shirts

Show off the muscles you work so hard for with our collection of muscle fit t-shirts. Designed to accentuate the physique, so you can feel your best no matter the workout. Available in a range of colours, sized and materials, there is a muscle fit t-shirt for everyone.

Oversized t-shirts

A staple piece in any wardrobe, whether it’s for gym days or rest days, our oversized t-shirts combine premium materials with a relaxed fit for a look you can rock in the gym and out and about.

Which type of shirt is best for the gym?

When it comes to picking out your gym or workout t-shirt, there a range of things you might consider; style, fit, materials, functionality. We will share a couple of areas you might want to consider when shopping for a gym top.

Tight or loose gym t-shirt?

Whether you opt for a tight or loose workout t-shirt largely depends on what you’re more comfortable with. Tighter shirts will sit tighter against the body, usually accentuating your physique, you may like this look or you may prefer a looser fit that doesn’t sit as tightly. Tighter gym tops can also help to limit distractions, as the material sits against your skin, so you avoid it gathering or bunching as you move. However looser fit workout t-shirts can offer a little more airflow because of the gap between your skin and the fabric. So, it really is down to your preference.

Which material is best on a workout t-shirt

Across our range of workout tops for men, you can find a variety of fabrics and blends, each designed to enhance comfort and performance for different activities. Which one is best for you depends largely on the type of workout you are doing and what you want from your gym top. Cotton is well-known for being soft and comfortable, perfect for wearing in the gym to post-workout plans. Whereas synthetic materials such as Polyester or Nylon can provide a range of benefits when working out that help to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your workout. These can include sweat wicking features that help to draw moisture away from the skin, or improved stretch which moves with you through every push, pull and squat. Keeping you cool, dry and comfortable.

Can I wear a normal t-shirt to the gym?

Whilst you can wear a normal t-shirt to the gym, you will find increased comfort with a workout or gym t-shirt because they are designed to keep you cool and dry as well as support movement. This means you will have less unwanted distractions, so you can keep focused on the workout ahead and achieving the next PB. Plus, physique enhancing designs help you feeling confident and ready to step up to the bar. With a range of affordable workout t-shirts on offer, you can enjoy the performance that comes with comfort at minimal cost.